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Justin Barnhart

CEO / Founder

Justin learned to hunt and play golf at age 7 in Texas with the help of his Grand Father, and three Uncles. He has a deep passion for the outdoors, and likes to get out as often as he can. Currently he is an Executive at PACCAR.

Whiskey On The Rocks
Eric Ochs
Eric Ochs

Partner / Designer

Eric is a Professional Custom Knife Maker based out of Oregon. He grew up carrying a pocket knife since he was six and has collected knives ever since. This always seemed natural for Eric since he spent much of his time outdoors, climbing his first mountain at age 9 and many of the Cascade Mountains including Mt. Hood, Adams & Rainer. Eric also grew up backpacking, hiking, rafting and fishing, and after college began hunting and surf kayaking.

Snow Ski's Often
Ashley Barnhart

Director of Operations and Marketing

Ashley is a golf fan, and loves to go to PGA Tour events. Her favorite golfer is Nelly Korda. Ashley is the founder and host of the Adult Struggles podcast and blog which releases new and inspiring content weekly. Ashley is from Yakima, WA, and graduated from Seattle Pacific University in 2012.

Mother of Cats
George the Gopher

Founder / Director of Customer Relationships

George has always been a fan of He appreciates the beautiful terrain, and soil that the courses offer. As a single father George spends his free time looking after his 16 kids. George previously held a position as a Sales Tunnel Expert for 2 years before founding Golphers.

Has 9 Boys and 7 Girls to Feed
Golphers Ace Everyday Carry for Golfers



February 2018

Invented Golphers Ace

December 2018

Patent Pending

May 2019

Final Prototypes Completed

Golphers Founded

May 2017

Golphers Ace Launches

June 2019

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Some things you may not (need to) know about us


We will be attending Blade Show East in Atlanta June 2021


Cups of coffee consumed by the team a day.


Last PGA Tour event attended.


# of states we've played golf in.


% of bodyweight that Gophers eat in vegetation everyday. George wanted us to point out he only eats meat.


Combined total dog ownership.


Last golf course Justin played.


Average age of the humans.

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