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Thank you for your interest in Golphers charitable endeavors. Initially when I founded Golphers I had set out to donate 5% of our profits each year to ALS. My co-founder and best friend Brady lost his dad to ALS and I wanted to do my part to give back to help fight this disease. I soon realized while my heart was in the right place, my ambitions far exceeded what Golphers was capable of doing as a new startup company. It would take years for me to be able to give back anything substantial to the foundation, and I want to start giving back now. Additionally, there are many other well-deserving charitable foundations that I’d love to give back to, so I thought through this situation for a couple of months before realizing the perfect solution. With the support of the Golphers community we can give back to many worthy foundations, and here’s how…

Every month, we’ll choose a charitable foundation that we’re passionate about and create a limited run marker in honor of the cause. For every purchase of the marker, 100% of the profits will go to the designated fund.

Golphers Gives Back starts here and we need your help to launch this program!

Wolf Conservation Center –
The Direwolf Marker

I’ve always had a fondness for wolves, and it was back in college when I first learned of the critical role they play in our environment. The Wolf Conservation Center in NY does amazing work in restoring the wolf population in the United States.

To learn more about this foundation visit:


NSW Rural Fire Service – Presidents Cup 2019 Marker

By now everyone has seen the devastation and just how horrific the Australian wildfires have been. We chose to donate to this particular foundation because they’re directly on the front lines doing their best to put out the fires and help the wildlife.

To learn more about this foundation visit:


Golf Wall Project by Golf in Your State – GIYS Logo Marker (Coming Soon)

Matt said it best, so here’s some words from the man himself!

“We’re at the forefront of a movement in golf. Breaking down a wall that’s hindered its growth while building a foundation for its future. Together, we are the current culture of the game. Through our actions as a community, we can change the perception of non-golfers and make golf relatable to a much larger audience.” - Matt Cardis, Founder of Golf in Your State and Golf Wall Project

The mission is to travel the country, raise money for creative giveback initiatives relating to golf, and bring golfers together to perform all types of community service. Think of like-minded individuals coming together, volunteering to paint the clubhouse of your local muni, helping courses in need with basic improvements (repairing and replacing signage, tee markers, benches, etc.), shoes and apparel for youth caddie programs in need, equipment for youth and adult golfers in need, and community service efforts such as feeding the homeless, beach cleanups and more.

To learn more visit:

Thank you for your support! If you have any suggestions on future foundations that Golphers should give back to, please send me an email at

Justin Barnhart
CEO & Founder


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