This is a great short read for those of you interested in the Golphers brand, and the amount of time and resources that have gone in to bringing the ultimate everyday carry to life!


Initially, Justin thought of the Golphers everyday carry while sitting in his home office, and sketched it out on his iPad. "Once I had the everyday carry sketched out I knew I had something special, but I didn't have the engineering chops to bring the idea to life." Justin did a lot of online research, and ultimately decided to work with an engineering company that specializes in bringing inventions to life. Long story short, we started out designing all of the multi-tools you see below without the help of a professional knife maker which turned out to be a huge mistake. After 8 months of frustration working with this engineering company we learned we were paying them to figure out how to make a knife, and ultimately decided that this wasn't what we wanted to release to our fans.

That's when we decided to enlist the help of Eric Ochs, Professional Custom Knife Maker, to help us create the ultimate everyday carry for golfers around the world.



Long gone are the days of bag rummaging and ball marker borrowing. We wanted to bring to life a high quality everyday carry that would be a statement piece on and off the course. Everything in your bag is high quality, and why should you settle for a low quality or expensive single function golf tool? This was the ultimate driver behind our pursuit.



Initially we partnered with an engineering company that was going to help us bring the everyday carry to life. This was our very first sketch on how we thought the everyday carry was going to function. There were a lot more moving parts on this design, and ultimately we ruled it out because it wasn't clean and would weigh too much.




This second design was a step in the right direction for the engineering company. Clean curves, and a nice looking handle. This design was ruled out because the top portion of the handle would open up and serve as a bottle opener and club rest which we felt was detrimental to the grip of the handle, and added to much weight and thickness to the multi-tool.




This design actually developed into a 3D printed prototype and then we moved forward with a real prototype. We were pretty happy with this design, and wanted to see how it functioned once built. When we received the physical prototype we were extremely disappointed in the quality and functionality of the knife. It was far from what we wanted which led to a critical pivot in the direction of Golphers. We knew we just wasted a lot of resources and time working with a company that didn't have experience building a high quality knife. This point is when we realized we needed a professional to come in and do this the right way.



The only changes we made to his initial design was the addition of the flipper blade. It was perfect, and exactly what we all wanted.


  • Ultra premium 6AI4V titanium body that's extremely corrosion resistant
  • Clean, smooth gripped handle made of Carbon Fiber or G10
  • Drop point S35VN stainless steel 3.2MM flipper blade stonewashed with titanium thumb stud openers
  • Discrete titanium stonewashed divot repair tool with quick thumb tab opener
  • Stainless steel magnetic ball marker stored within the handle of the knife
  • Built-in, convenient bottle opener
  • Sleek stonewashed stainless steel curved clip for efficient and secure storage in your pocket
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